Boneca de Ataúro

Bringing to a wider audience the precious handicraft work made by the women of Ataúro island

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The Boneca is a rag-doll born on the island of exile;
a doll that crossed the sea
and many borders to travel around the world.

It is a magical place
where precious objects of desire are born.

It is a place where women find their space,
their dignity and their economic independence.

It is a brand, quite renowned by now.

The Boneca is a factory of shared knowledge:
technical, human, commercial; a knowledge of
fulfilled dreams and dreams yet to be fulfilled.

It is a place for women of any age.
Elderly women bring prudence, experience, patience;
younger ones bring joy, desire and hope for the future.

It is a place where illiterate women find a space to learn;
and where literate women share their knowledge with others.

The Boneca is a cooperative where the pride
of earning a living with your own hand is nurtured.

The Boneca is a beacon for other Ataúro women,
who wish to grow and work with dignity.


© Photo courtesy of Sula Sendagire, Vila Maumeta, October 2015.

© Photo courtesy of Sula Sendagire, Vila Maumeta, October 2015.